As we all know, the latest Pakistani designer dresses are liked all over the world, including countries like UAE, UK, US (USA), NZ, Canada, and many more. Many branded dresses are available in stores and online.

They also provide free shipping. Their WhatsApp numbers and email are given at that particular website to place the order and a good shopping experience of house delivery. Hence, you can purchase the new arrivals with the best service.

Discounts are available to shop the items. Thus, it looks good that you can have branded dresses at a minimum price (PKR).

But you have to wait for the annual sale of clothing brands. Then you can place many orders and enjoy the best Pakistani products. Various famous brands also have social media pages like Instagram. So, you can visit them too.

Anyhow, these dresses include many style collections from casual category to wedding dresses. The updates in dresses are fantastic.

On every occasion, especially Eid, the brands account for providing something more unique and new outfit fashion in stores. However, many dresses are ready to wear as well as unstitched dresses. By the way, season wear dresses are always unique.

With time, Pakistani designers are gaining popularity. Nilofer Shahid is a very famous women designer of Pakistan throughout the world in regards to designer clothes.

The following are the famous Pakistani designer dress brands.



Alkaram Studio – Famous Pakistani Designer Dresses Brand

This brand is very that you can imagine its popularity that it has 46 stores that sell ready-to-wear, unstitched, and haute couture. Their designer dresses are also available online, and they provide better shipping service.

Well, Their dresses include Women’s clothing, Men clothing, and children’s clothing as well. However, it offers a fantastic collection with the best product designs. Let us talk about the individual dressing category:

Women clothes

On occasions, women’s dresses are adorable. On Eid’s arrival, the latest Pakistani dresses offered by Alkaram include both fancies for best celebrations and casual wear. The styling of fancy dresses is with heavy embroidery on sleeves and gown, dabka sleeves that looks awesome with sharara, simple shalwar, and ball bottom.

However, do not worry about measurements. The fabric of fancy dresses are adorned with pearls, sequins, motifs, and laces as well.

If we talk about the dress fabric, then the fabric provided by this brand is also famous for its 100% quality. The material may be georgette and mixed resham. These dresses are glamour.

If we talk about casual dresses, then tops are in trend. The colors and patterns are lovely according to the season that is matched with every taste. Well, beautiful neckline trends are also followed here that need applause.

Men Dresses

Men’s dresses are unique as well. In men’s attire, nothing except the fabric is the most crucial thing for some people. However, the color, details, and style of each one are excellent.

If someone seeks elegance then it is a good idea to choose this brand. Overall, all outfits attire some kind of perfection.

Shipping is not an issue, you can order online on their website by message, and the best Pakistani designer dresses will be on your doorstep. All of the above, you can sign up on their website on Google to get the latest updates about suits and sale.

However, you can read them or ask a question about their shipping privacy policy (free shipping is not available).

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is one of the most famous Pakistani dress designers. This brand is renowned for providing Pakistani designer dresses in all Pakistani traditions like wedding dresses (bridal dress), party wears clothes, and many more like this. All the suits look great at reasonable prices ( PKR).

Shipping Details

Well, shopping online from their website on Google by leaving a message is the best idea to purchase the latest Pakistani bridals and all other kinds of dresses by reasonable shipping. Anyhow, you can orders by checking their menu.

In Pakistan, Weddings are significant events. Therefore nothing looks more great than bridals and their suits. Hence, All Pakistani designers have the latest wedding collection—anyhow, its new arrivals deals are available online and in-store.

Wedding Suits

If we talk about wedding dresses of this brand, they are beautiful like every wedding dress in Pakistan. Suits with lehengas, sharara style, georgette shirt with beautiful print and embroidery or silk tops, gown with the best fashion design for a bridal, and many categories of suits like this. People like the elegance of this brand of Pakistan.

If you like any suit and its price is high, I recommend you wait for the sale and then buy your favorite clothes with the best offers. Well, you can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay tuned with email about new offers, sale of products, and many more collections in the online store.

Faiza Saqlain

Faiza Saqlain is a lady dress designer in Pakistan. If you place orders online in Pakistan, then you can enjoy free shipping all over PAKISTAN. Every brand has not free shipping. Hence, check out their website menu and select your favorite Pakistani designer dresses.

This brand offers parties and ready-to-wear like Bridal, Formals, Luxe formals, and Faiza’s style stars collection. Anyhow, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest email about the sale, a new collection of designer product, and stay tuned for more fashion deals on outfits. Well, their website uses cookies.

This brand does not provide any casual dress like some others. Hence, all the dresses are fancy silhouettes.

Many collections of this brand look antique and 90’s fashion style, for example, collections like Dhoop Kinary, Phool Kaliyaan, and Woh Sunehre Din. But not all. This brand only provides girls’ dresses, not boys.

Anyhow, its new arrivals are available online and in-store.

HSY – Famous Pakistani Designer Dresses Brand

This is the very famous brand of Pakistan. Hassan Shahryar Yasin is renowned for bridal dresses. Well, he wins many awards. All of his suits are fancy. You can shop its dresses from stores.

This brand always appears in the bridal couture week seasons.

At this time, when I am writing this article, the website of this brand is not available. I do not know why but I think maybe they are updating it.

Gull Ahmed – The Famous Pakistani Designer Dresses Brand

Gull Ahmed is famous for its unstitched and cut-piece suits. This is the latest Pakistani brand that is liked most in terms of casual dresses.

You can search their website on Google and sign up for getting email message for the latest collections and prices. Of course, you will get promotions about them.

Well, you can order by checking their menu and latest collection. Their shipping is also reasonable. Well, their dresses are available in their store.

Gull Ahmed offers beautiful and colorful clothes. For example, dresses with decorated neckline, beautiful prints, beautiful top, and shirt with fantastic color and print, some dresses have subtle embroidery with Silk dupattas and sleeves. All of the above, they have reasonable price for everything.

As we all know that our clothes mean nothing when we do not like them, but Gull Ahmed has unique casual wear dresses and party wear. Because it is a brand, so it also has many other products like box bags, shoes, etc., that also get likes.

If you have any question, then you can learn about sizes then you can inbox them. You can check their Instagram as well. However, you can read them or ask a question about their shipping privacy policy.

They have a sale ( sale on unstitched clothes) at the end of the year. So you can also shop then.

Maria B

Maria B is a famous name for women’s clothes. Not only dresses, but it also has many products like jewelry, perfumes, and kidswear.


They have given their Whatsapp number for more inquires. Shop their beautiful collection online, and the new collection is also available in-store.

Well, you can subscribe (sign up) to get an email about the new collection, deals, and sales (annual sale is available at the end of every year). Anyhow, free shipping is not available.

However, you can search their website (uses cookies) on Google and check out their latest fashion designs.

They provide bridal dresses as well as casual dresses. Also, they have ready-to-wear, parties, and cut-piece design dresses that look good as we know that Pakistan is famous throughout the world for its fashion.

Well, on all the dresses, the individual gown and shirt lengths are given.

Deepak Perwani

This is one of the most famous names of the Pakistani fashion Industry. Their designed dresses are unique, and they have won many awards in this regard.

However, they design women as well as men’s dresses. Anyhow, they only provide dresses, not other products. Their site has only two content ( men and women).

Well, you can sign up (subscribe) for their email with the latest details. You can shop online also. However, you can talk with them on their site for further inquiries.

Shehla Chatoor

Shehla chatoor has store in Karachi. This brand provides bridal dresses and party wear. Anyhow, this name is not a too famous brand like Nomi Ansari, but it is renowned nation-wise.

They also have an Instagram account to take assistance from there, and you can shop from there. They have not a different piece of dresses despite other brands but have great fashion designs.

You take their Information from google about free shipping and other inquiries. Their dresses have a 4.8 rating on their store.

Other Famous Pakistani Designer Dresses

I am now just mentioning the names of other brands as you know that Pakistan textile Industry is very famous and there are a lot of new and old brands. Every one of them has their inspiration, styles, and designs.

So, you can buy from any of them without getting worried about fabric because Pakistani fabric is always excellent. This fabric includes chiffon, linen, lawn, silk, and many like these.

Following are some other designers name in this industry:








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