Meanwhile, many Pakistani clothing brands are famous worldwide. Besides, Maria b UK is one of them. Moreover, Maria b is a renowned clothing brand that includes a wide variety of clothes. Maria b was founded by Maria butt. She was a graduate of the Pakistan Institute of fashion and design.

MARIA B UK Lawn Collection

Further, it was founded in Lahore and is based in Lahore. It was founded in March 1999. Also, she was the first Pakistani designer to use Austrian giants Swarovski in her embroidery. Meanwhile, these include salwar kameez dupatta three-piece suits, party wear, lawn collection, velvet suits, and Anarkali frocks, saree, wedding dresses collections. Besides, these designer dresses even contain high-quality embroidery work that stays in place for years.

Meanwhile, Maria b is famous throughout the world. Thereby, its products are of higher price and the brand at the exact moment. However, the quality they deliver equals the price. Further, they charge a bit higher fee for people with a meager budget.


Meanwhile, Maria b UK allows us to select from a variety of Pakistani collections according to our event. Besides, Maria b UK collection covered almost every style of Pakistani clothing that we require. So, instead of moving from place to place, we can find our best outfit in one area, i.e., Maria b. Or we can place an order from their online website.

Moreover, Pakistani fashion involves various clothing styles, from different basic lawn shalwar kameez dupatta to heavy embroidery Pakistani wedding dresses. Also, their designs are unique so that you can opt for a special outfit for your big day.



Maria ready to wear or stitched lawn dresses are in demand. Moreover, these lawn pants and trousers are correctly hemmed. Also, you could feel a difference while wearing their lawn trousers as they accentuate your look with their professional cutting and stitching style.

Further, these ready-to-wear dresses are available in various fabrics such as linen, chiffon, lawn, and much more. Moreover, these ready-to-wear dresses are also available for party wear as they include embroidery and motives apart from plain lawn suits. So, you can choose from a variety of lawn styles and designs.


Salwar kameez, along with dupatta, is the national attire of Pakistan. So, MariaUK provides a wide range of styles and sizes. Besides, their sleeves have a well-detailed finish. Moreover, a bit of detailing on the sleeves adds a lot to the whole outfit. Meanwhile, some sleeves have cut which are in trends nowadays. Further, salwar kameez are available in chiffon fabric as well as lawn suit is also available.


Further, Maria b UK provides a wide variety of unstitched collections. Meanwhile, this variety includes linen, lawn suits, sateen suits, Mprints, and silk suits. Moreover, all fabrics are available on their website as well.


Meanwhile, all other brands launch unique designs for a special event. Similarly, Maria b UK provides its customers with eye-catching Eid designs delivery. Further, these designs are established for every Eid occasion. Meanwhile, their Eid attires also involve separate articles such as trousers. Moreover, these are in primary colors like pink, blue, green. More variety includes print on the bottom of trousers. You can make a contrast of dupatta with your suit.



Their bridal wear is one of the unique articles around the country. Further, people all around the world love their excellent and elegant design. Moreover, they state that their wedding dresses are traditionally made for their modern clients. As many people nowadays still prefer traditional attire with a variety of pearls for their big days.

Besides, traditional dresses are in stock nowadays. SO if you are looking for a classic yet elegant store or clothing, you must look at their bridal stock.

Moreover, they provide chic cuts so that you stand out in any significant event of your life. Also, to your primary day dress, they give a stock of mehndi attires at a reasonable price. These include lehenga choli’s, sasarara’s, and salwar kameez.


Meanwhile, these bridal wear are only stitched according to clients’ measurements. If you want to buy, then you have to provide them your details and measurements. Their WhatsApp number, Twitter, and email are given at the bottom of their web page. You can easily shop from your house and get your desired information. Moreover, they will update you as soon as possible. They usually take 24 hours to update.


This section of their web page includes made-to-measure dresses. Further, you can see various contrast so that you can choose differently for yourself. Moreover, they can have an idea of the prices and service. Meanwhile, this section involves different beautiful shades such as beige, cream, peach, apple green, blue, sky blue, purple, pink, and maroon. Above all, Maria b is an all-in-one brand for Asian clothes. Moreover, they constantly update this section for better results.


Meanwhile, Maria. B provides Pakistani clothes as well as a touch of Indian feels. There lehengas cholis provide the same Asian vibe that most famous Indian lehengas give us. So we can say that Maria b provides Pakistani fashion and more of a store for Indian style.

Moreover, Indian and Pakistani fashion is not very different. Meanwhile, going through these attires, your Wishlist would be a little longer. Moreover, you easily Wishlist your desires attires so you can shop from your house your outfit later.


Suppose you want to search for a unique attire and want to look for an update from others if you don’t want to see someone else wearing the same dress. Then maria. B designer suits are good options. These attires are not designed in bulk as typically other non-designer outfits are designed. These attires are one of a kind, and thereby, they are sold at such a high price.


Above all, if you want to wear something unique, this designer Maria b store must be on top of the list. Besides, they also have copyright claims so that nobody could copy them at a low price. Moreover, they also have xs size. It is an extra small size. This size is appropriate for skinny individuals.


Maria b UK

Maria. B business not only involves clothes but also offers other variety within the industry. Meanwhile, other items include:

Maria B Jewelry:

They are specialized in making the best and fine jewelry. You can search through to get your desired jewelry.

Maria B Perfumes:

It is a line of perfumes produced by Maria b.



Kids stock is also available at a reasonable price. Further, the price depends on fabric type.


They provide print suits from their stock at a suitable price. Further, you can search for the color of your choice, such as green, pink, blue. However, shades of pink, blue and green print are in the top trend. Further, you can place orders from a menu of the suit. Additionally, these orders are managed, and customers receive their orders in no time.

Eid Lawn Casuals in Sateen Silk

Bridal Couture

Partywear dress


Meanwhile, you can add the best article of your choice to your cart while you shop from your house. Besides, their prices are als0 mention in your cart. Further, you can even remove products from the cart. In case if you change your mind about a particular outfit.

Also, they take a step of various discounts to offer for promotions on their store. A value will also attract buyers. They take the stage to make promotions on google to reach a large audience. They also provide a newsletter. This newsletter includes detail of their stock suit and price.



Moreover, while shipping products before delivery, you constantly update what place your item has reached. Above all, their web page also updates regularly so that you don’t face any difficulty while you shop items from your house. Moreover, you can fill out their information form to shop from your home.

So, they have detailed information about their top clients. Besides, you can chat to get any information. Further, you can make payment for your orders through Mastercard, visa credit card, and American express.


Meanwhile, nowadays delivery of Maria. B products are often delayed due to the ongoing pandemic of covid 19. However, in the past, their delivery of products was in their stated delivery time. Moreover, they can make delivery in different cities.

Besides, their large number of stores provide them ease during delivery. Meanwhile, you will feel no difficulty during delivery as your product will be safe from any damage during shipping and delivery. Moreover, you will have a memorable and top-class experience while you shop from maria.b Manchester.


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