Thredz online shopping store a leading and well-known brand in the fashion and clothing industry in Pakistan, giving boho vibes. Imagine the fashion adventures when you find Thredz and Give a new identity to your wardrobe with online shopping in Pakistan and worldwide. 

It makes you shine every day.

Started to the step-in year 2004 in Pakistan’s fashion industry focusing on the excellent quality dresses collection, stitched and unstitched women dresses collection with stunning colors, creative designs, and imaginative styles. Later on, Thredz established their stores in Karachi and different Pakistan cities and have more than 15 outlet stores.

Moreover started their store in the USA to make the moments of the spark of their collection. Thredz is a stylish and trendy collection brand that building a better you and endeavors to give you a look that talks on behalf of you. Pakistan is a country that has an immense fashion industry where Confident women nowadays deserve a bit of a more elegant and attractive collection of dresses to have to appeal to their success. 

The Online Shopping

thredz online shopping

Nowadays, online shopping is the most convenient and easy way to shop according to your desire, need, and want. Women set their goals for years, give their best, and working hard to achieving their goals. They have no time to go to outlet stores and check out the collection to buy dresses; They save their time changing their ways to shop and buy dresses online.

Thredz is now available online to shop in Pakistan and all over the world. One can buy their new collection online with complete information on the website or web page. It’s an excellent new way to shop for your Clothes. A new passion for online shopping in Pakistan is with Thredz.  

Thredz Online Shopping Store

Thredz is a brand that motivates you to have a new and elegant and stunning new look with stylish clothes, vibrant colors, and creative designs collection and provide dresses unstitched, ready-to-wear men kurtas at your doorstep in Pakistan.

It offers various women unstitched fabrics and ready-to-wear dresses for ladies and kurtas for men also available online and offers in stores in Pakistan. Thredz in Pakistan concentrating on the Niche to create its handwoven fabrics, HandHand made clothes, it is making, and finishing. It also offers formal dresses for different events. 

Well, Thredz now offers Thredz Un-stitched summer lawn collection 2021. The Pakistani online dresses collection offers their new products for men also on their web pages. Pakistan offers a way to shop and offers a new way to buy and wear their clothes of HandHand made and formal variety.

It welcomes you all to buy their unstitched, ready-to-wear, formal, casual dresses available on Thredz’s online store. The Pakistan outfits to you with stunning and extravagant dresses that shine you.

Wear the storm with the spirit of style

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Thredz Available online?

Yes, we are available online with our complete collection.

What are Manufacturing and delivery time?

It’s up to 5-7 days after confirming your order.

How do one can order?

Once we receive your online inquiry, we will contact you for further confirmation. Read our Purchasing Guide for complete information.


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